Since 2009

All about the Kennel

Our History

Flawless is small, KZS – FCI recognised kennel, established in 2009. We are devoted to our dogs all
the way.  They are family members, always by our side – through thic and thin.

Our aim is to breed healthy, correctly build dogs, that are of typical and stable temperament, able to work, compete in shows and make wonderful family members.

Aussies are a versatile breed and we believe it should be preserved as such.
We breed for quality, not quantity. Our breeding standards are high and not every dog we own is able to meet them. Breeding combinations are chosen wisely and carefully. Dogs we choose to breed must be healthy, temperamentally sound and typical in appearance.

The dogs that aren’t chosen to breed aren’t less loved or less valueable, they were simply destined for other adventures.

Behind the Flawless Kennel

Lana Premk

First dog

I have always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. When I was young, I was not alowed to have pets, so I would go outside and bring home garden slugs and have those as pets.

Very soon, my parents decided it was better to give me a pet, then to have a house full of slugs. Ever since then I had many different pets: gold fish, rabbits, hamsters, parrots, cats, and final a dog.

My journey in a world of dogs began with my first Golden Retriever Liza.
I got her when I was eleven years old and she was the first dog that thought me what having a dog means. And did she teach  me!
We attended a dog school, agility, dog shows, rally obedience and dog dancing.

First dog show

In 2002 Liza and I went to our very first dog show – we won 1st place in junior handling. Liza wasn’t really a show girl, so I stopped showing her after a few shows. She much prefered doing all the other doggy sports.

At that time, I had the perfect opportunity to try competing with other dogs in junior handling. It wasn’t long until I was showing all the different breeds in show ring.

In 2004, I got my second Golden Retriever, Aaron (Multi Ch Multiple BIS Hoiker’s A Round The Clock).
He was a real show-off, a good-looking dog with a brain.
He won more than 50 Best of Breed titles, gained 10 championship titles and is also a record holder of
being the only Slovenian Golden Retriever to win All Breed Best in Show – three times!

First Australian shepherd

I have been secretly wanting another dog – this time it was an Australian Shepherd. I still vividly remember my first encounter with an Aussie: It was in 2003, when competing in junior handling, I got the opportunity to compete with a wonderful Aussie girl named Tax. She was such a joy to work with and I have never seen a dog so attentive and willing to please before.

I was hooked!


I wanted to have this breed. Back then it was still a very rare breed to come by in Slovenia and not officially recognised by the FCI yet.
I had to wait for the right opportunity – and after 5 years of researching and waiting, the time had come and so did my first Aussie Biba (Ch Krash Boom Bang del Whymper delle Grandes Jorasses). Biba came in December 2008, from kennel Grandes Jorasses in Italy.

Biba and I did many sports together (agility, frisbee, dog dancing) and she finished the championships with ease. It didn’t take me long to fall for this gorgeous breed completely.

I’ve always been passionate about breeding. I find it very fascinating and challenging. Flawless line begins with our foundation dam Diva (Ch Peanut Butte’n Jelly del Whymper delle Grandes Jorasses).
She has outproduced herself with every single litter and has built a solid foundation to build on.