1. If you do not want an extremely active and intelligent dog.
  2. You do not know the breed. Read all you can about the breed before getting an Aussie, especially about their needs and temperament.
  3. You do not have an average of at least 2-3 hours a day to actively spend with your Aussie: walks, work, mental activities, bonding,…
  4. Do not want to work with your dog. Daily. Aussies LOVE to work, and they NEED to work. They must have some sort of mental stimulation daily, anything that occupies their brain. Otherwise they find an occupation on their own. One which we as owners are usually not very happy with (like digging, chewing on furniture, barking, etc.).
  5. You don’t like a dog with guarding instinct. Most Aussies will bark at postman, visitors, and anything they find suspicious. Sometimes the ‘suspicios’ things can be very random objects like a statue, a snowman, flying bag, a person with a hat,…
  6. You mind being followed around. Aussies will follow you everywhere. Even the bathroom. Every time you get up from the couch…yeap, your Aussie-shadow will be right behind you.
  7. You mind dog hair. Everywhere. 
  8. You don’t like barking. Aussies are very talkative. They like to speak their mind and alert you. Often.
  9. You mind a dirty dog. And oh well, a bit of dirt in your home as well. Aussies need to get out despite rain, mud and snow. And well, they’re not the most gracious and clean of breed there is. Mud, water, snow, most Aussies love that!

10. You do not like being herd. Aussies, especially puppies, love to chase things that move and nip on them. Yes, including your and your children’s clothes and feet.

11.You are looking for a dog that will only live outside and be a guardian dog. They need and love human company.

12. You are looking for a dog to take on two short walks a day and that’s all. Then definitely choose a different, less active breed!

13. You do not want a dog that will test your boundaries. Aussies test them a lot. Multiple times. And push your buttons. In very smart ways. And you must not let them, otherwise you will create a spoiled annoying Aussie brat.

14. You are buying a dog solely as playmate for your kids. In that case, please think twice before getting any dog!

15. You can’t afford all the costs that come with an Aussie. Not just Aussie, any dog. Costs of food, dog school, vet care, medical emergencies, extra vacation expenses, treats and equipment are just a few of the costs you have to consider.

16. You only want one, because they look nice. It is NOT a breed for everyone. Do your homework and do your research to see if also their temperament is one you could handle and live with!